About us

About us

If you can dream it, you can do it. Cit. Walt Disney

Goals are merely fantasies if you don’t have a plan to achieve them.

Through its professional Executive & Career Coaching Services, JobStep provides you the necessary support to achieve new professional goals and land your dream job. Also, thanks to our extensive international HR experience and the network we are part of, we offer recruitment and HR consulting services to client companies.

Our mission

JobStep provides you the necessary support to achieve new professional goals and land your dream job.

We offer several career services designed to help and support individuals in landing their international dream job: professional CV writing, interview training, LinkedIn profile writing, executive coaching and much more. Our mission is to provide tools, interview techniques and leadership development paths.

We offer targeted services aimed at enhancing your strengths. Simply put, rather than standard solutions, JobStep develops highly-customised professional advancement solutions.

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The founder

Rocco Cutrupi

My name is Rocco Cutrupi, and I am the founder of JobStep. After my HR Management and Executive Coaching studies, I worked as an international recruiter. I have assisted over a thousand professionals in their quest for career advancement. Working on a broad range of recruitment projects during my career in human resources recruiting has given me extensive knowledge of the field and the ability to handle personnel research, training, and HR services for client companies.

I take great pride in managing the JobStep blog, where I and other experts discuss vital career-focused subjects with candidates.

We discuss issues related to job searching, the latest international recruiting, and personal branding practices. We offer a wealth of information and advice that is appreciated by thousands of followers.

Cutrupi Career Coach

Our Partners

Daniela Cossetti

You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking you used to create it

A certified Career Counselor and Coach with a wealth of experience in Human Resources. She helps professionals break through upper limits so they can turn their goals into careers that align with who they really are. With over 20 years of experience, Daniela brings a deep understanding of stress-related issues in the workplace. As an accredited Persolog® trainer, she also leverages Persolog® Mastery Tools to enhance personal and professional development, while her expertise in cross-cultural environments (currently living in the US) enables her to provide tailored guidance to clients from diverse backgrounds.
Francesco Michea

Discipline turns ability into achievements

An engineer with 30 years of experience in sales and general management roles, Francesco is recognised for his proven skills in developing human resources. Over time, he has held top roles (Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Country Manager) in some of the most important international companies. He collaborates with JobStep in providing consultancy and training plans focussed on Team Building, Start-up/Business Coaching and Leadership Development.
Camilla Pigozzo

My aspiration is to help people flourish

Professional Coach, Digital HR, and foremost, Wellbeing Ambassador: specializes in guiding individuals and organizations through change and growth journeys with the key focus on wellbeing. Based in London, offers individual Career Coaching paths to support professionals not only in transitioning careers but also in designing an alternative future where they can unleash their potential without compromising their happiness. Works to actively contribute to the ongoing cultural transformation towards a more fluid society centered around individuals' wellbeing.