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We are dedicated to offering you a comprehensive and tailored service designed to help you define and reach your goals swiftly. Whether you are navigating your career path, refining your leadership style, or overcoming challenges, our aim is to support you every step of the way.

Our scientific approach employs self-assessments rooted in the DISC-based Persolog® behavioral model, pioneered by psychologist Dr. John G. Geier. These assessments serve as practical tools for assessing human resources within corporate settings. It’s important to note that these evaluations focus on behavior and soft skills, distinct from psycho-aptitude or psychological tests. 

How can you be more aware of your soft skills and know how to best use them?

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A partnership to develop your soft skills and find which type of leader you are.

At present, Persolog® Gmbh, a training and certification academy based in Germany, offers a range of self-assessment tests used in more than 50 countries. These tests are accessible in 30 languages and see over 10,000 administrations annually. They serve as valuable tools within companies for both selection and training purposes. Additionally, coaches and counselors leverage them to offer guidance and foster personal awareness and empowerment along various career paths. Main advantages:


Which one is right for me?

We understand that everyone’s needs are unique. That’s why we’ve carefully analyzed personalized paths, leveraging the Persolog® self-assessments, tailored to meet your individual needs. Discover tailored solutions that resonate with you!


Suited for anyone eager to explore their relational and communication style within a specific context. Whether you’re a busy student or a time-strapped manager, our assessment provides valuable insights into your soft skills. Get ready for actionable ideas and quick feedback, tailored to your needs.


A tool for personal growth, enhancing relationship management, building trust, boosting self-esteem, and refining emotional intelligence. Perfect for individuals navigating pivotal life or career transitions, seeking to assess their skills, or eager to embrace new professional challenges. 


Designed for senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their strategic skills, leadership abilities, and human resources management expertise. Ideal for executive professionals who have pressed pause to find fresh motivation and to complete a comprehensive and strategic evaluation of their skill set.


A solution for those seeking to excel in leadership roles, and in motivating and inspiring others. This helps you cultivate conscious and adaptable leadership from your unique style, effective for yourself, your collaborators and the company. Gain invaluable insights into your strengths and enhance behavioral flexibility for navigating challenging human resources scenarios with ease.


For those facing tough times and various challenges. Gain insights into your stressors and learn effective management strategies. Elevate team dynamics and foster a positive work environment for leaders and team members alike. Enhance academic performance for students striving for excellence. Learn how to nurture personal and organizational well-being.

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Simple, fast, intuitive

Looking to gain insight into your behavior and better understand your preferences and interpersonal dynamics? Our tool offers immediate access to fundamental insights, empowering you to explore new perspectives, interests, and passions.

A comprehensive report spanning approximately 20 pages provides a concise overview of behavioral trends essential for enhancing communication and personal interactions. It serves as an invaluable starting point for delving deeper into self-awareness without overwhelming detail.

Beneficial for improving communication skills, fostering confidence in relationships, enhancing team collaboration, navigating job interviews with ease, and assessing career suitability.



Focused, adaptable, insightful

Our advanced tool provides in-depth analysis of an individual’s unique characteristics and behavior, offering comprehensive insights into various aspects of personality. Delving into topics such as task management, problem-solving strategies, stress response, and conflict resolution, it provides a nuanced understanding of personal dynamics.

With a detailed report, this tool facilitates self-reflection and deeper understanding of both personal and professional dynamics. It serves as a valuable resource for unlocking one’s potential and supporting the coaching process to enhance relational and non-relational skills.

Beneficial for delving into analytical, detailed, and strategic behavioral tendencies and individual characteristics, better understanding oneself and others, managing unconscious reactions, and optimizing one’s relational style for effectiveness.


Analytical, detailed, strategic

Tailored for executives seeking to deepen their understanding of the strategic and behavioral characteristics crucial for effective leadership in navigating organizational complexities. This tool is designed to optimize performance and achieve personal and professional goals.

The comprehensive report, full of detailed insights and interactive exercises, emphasizes the significance of empathy and the ability to understand diverse perspectives and needs. It highlights the capacity to inspire, motivate, and nurture others towards shared objectives.

With a personalized approach, it does a deep dive into a wide array of managerial skills, offering flexibility for coaches and coachees to address specific needs tailored to their organizational context.

Beneficial for fostering leadership development, enhancing staff management skills, and fostering effective communication with stakeholders. Facilitates a deeper understanding of diversity and work styles and enables the development of personal strategies poised to drive corporate transformation.


Focused, result-oriented, inspiring

A powerful tool that targets what determines the success of a company: leadership and people management. Unlike generic overviews, this tool dives deep into the nuances of leadership, recognizing the unique needs of each leader based on their operating context.

The comprehensive report explores various leader attributes such as communication, decision-making, and feedback skills. It offers a suite of exercises to actively engage in self-reflection, fostering targeted awareness and personal growth.

Beyond individual development, the tool highlights the importance of empowering team members and cultivating behavioral flexibility for agile leadership, yielding tangible results.

Beneficial for Uncovering your leadership style, cultivating conscious and agile leadership, motivating team members, enhancing behavioral flexibility.


Supportive, conscious, proactive

This tool is designed to assess and address stress in both your personal and professional life. Gain insights into your stressors, resilience, and coping mechanisms.

Our tool conducts a thorough analysis, pinpointing the factors contributing to stress, whether they stem from work, relationships, responsibilities, or other challenges. With this understanding, you’ll be equipped to navigate tension more effectively.

Receive tailored recommendations and actionable strategies to manage stress effectively. The approach is personalized, ensuring that you receive guidance tailored to your unique profile. Benefit from a focused plan outlining practical steps to enhance your emotional and psychological well-being.

Beneficial for understanding your stressors, improving your work experience, mastering stress management.


Unlock the potential for tangible results with the persolog® Personal Profile, a dynamic learning system crafted to turn intentions into actionable outcomes. This model empowers users to gain deeper insights into their behavioral style, enabling them to effectively manage reactions in their respective contexts and relate better to others.

The model is built on 4 behavioral factors: Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Cautious. After completing the self-assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive, personalized analysis of your behavior. This report delves into the unique combination and intensity of various elements, providing invaluable insights. It also includes 20 generic profiles that serve as a valuable tool for understanding the behavior of others. Explore behavioral tendencies, primary focus, motivation, and strategies to enhance effectiveness.

Explore the interplay of personality, behavior, and environment through our comprehensive analysis. We consider three key dimensions:

  1. External Self-Image: This reflects intentional behavior, shaped by our perceptions of others’ expectations.
  2. Internal Self-Image: Unveil unintentional behavior, often influenced by beliefs and when under pressure.
  3. Big Picture: Gain insights into observable behavior, how others perceive you within specific contexts.

Some of the areas that are analyzed with this model are:

  • Motivation
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Behavior under pressure
  • Prevailing intentions and blocking beliefs
  • Conflict management
  • Management of collaborators
  • Time management
  • Relationships within the team
  • Leadership style
  • Strengths and weaknesses

During the coaching journey, the report serves as a shared foundation, fostering constructive dialogue between coach and coachee. Together, they assess whether objectives and priorities are clear and focused, they actively track progress, and monitor results and changes.

It’s essential to emphasize that a client must be actively involved in building a successful coaching relationship based on mutual trust. This entails being open to diverse perspectives, self-reflection, and embracing vulnerability to work on weaker points. The coach acts as a guiding presence, offering fresh insights, but ultimately, it’s the client’s choice to accept challenges or set them aside.

With persolog® Personal Profile, coachees can revisit their reports and engage interactively, directly on the screen. This feature promotes flexibility and optimal timing, facilitating progress toward achieving their goals.

Following an initial consultation with the coach, clients receive a link to complete the self-assessment online at their convenience. Our platform is accessible round the clock from any device. The questionnaire, available in multiple languages, takes about 15 minutes to process and is tailored to the individual needs. Once completed, the report is generated in the client’s preferred language and serves as a basis for discussions in subsequent sessions with the coach.

Each self-assessment has a different cost and is included in the coaching process, depending on the client’s needs.

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