Relying on JobStep means greatly amplifying the opportunities to obtain the job you aspire to. We have gained years of international experience in CV writing, LinkedIn training, and career coaching. Moreover, we boast a highly personalized approach, working with you to communicate each unique skill and potential to the fullest.

Yes, you can benefit from our remote services through video call or phone consultations and the sending of documentation via email. Alternatively, you can choose to request our coaching services in person by meeting our partners spread across the world: Italy (Milan or Bologna), UK (London) and the US (Seattle).

We are available to operate in both ways. You can choose to send us your existing resume or fill out our comprehensive form that will gather all relevant information about your profile.
We deliver the requested services within a maximum of 7 working days from the booking. The quality of the documents produced and your satisfaction are our primary objectives, so we prefer to work calmly to meet all your needs. However, in case of urgent needs, we will be happy to process the request within 24 or 48 hours for an additional fee. Contact us for a personalized quote.
Following the selection of the service and receipt of payment, we will ask you to send us your existing CV and/or to complete our data collection form with our assistance. Subsequently, we will proceed with the skills assessment (either in person or via video call/phone) to delve into your experiences, soft skills, as well as the goals to be achieved. After a few days, you will receive the first version of your CV. We will then reconnect to discuss it and implement any necessary changes you deem necessary.
You can request an unlimited number of free revisions within 5 days from the actual delivery date. We will be happy to discuss your needs and further modify your document completely free of charge.
Payment is made at the time of request processing. You can conveniently make the payment via bank transfer or PayPal. Once we receive the request, we will send you all the details of the account for the payment. Our prices already include VAT.

All our documents are delivered in both PDF and DOC formats. We aim to provide you with an easily editable and long-lasting CV. Supported by our suggestions, you will be free to customize it as you wish over time and for different applications.

Certainly, we are happy to support you over time and be your trusted coaches in building a satisfying professional journey. We will always be ready to fulfill any following request promptly. Additionally, special discounts are always reserved for our most loyal clients.

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