Career Coaching for Professional Growth

Middle e Senior Manager

6 to 20 years of experience

The profile of a senior manager must succinctly convey years of experience while also communicating collateral skills in finance, HR, and business process management.

Through a genuine partnership, we will maximize the hard and soft skills you have developed over time. We will help you identify emerging market opportunities and change jobs as quickly as possible.

With our support, you will obtain the operational tools and methods necessary to achieve your career goals.

Senior Manager Career Coaching
Executive coaching

CV Writing, Job Search, and LinkedIn Training

A senior manager is certainly expected to master the technical knowledge of the specific role they operate in. At the same time, this role must demonstrate competence in human and financial resource management. 

What we do is help you present tasks, responsibilities, and achievements in the best possible light. By choosing JobStep, you will receive concrete support aimed at highlighting your career path to date and achieving your goal of changing jobs.

With our method, you will acquire strategies to:

  • Be contacted by recruiters
  • Find new opportunities
  • Secure interviews and get hired

Career coaching and LinkedIn training for your professional growth

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The JobStep Method

Five Phases for Your Professional Development

CV and Cover Letter Writing
We craft the most effective application documents for you in Italian and/or English. We highlight projects, achieved results, and other relevant information to help you reach your next career goal.
LinkedIn Profile
In line with LinkedIn SEO, we develop indexed content to make you discoverable by companies and recruiters. We assist you in creating a profile that positions you as a leader in your industry.
Networking and Job Search Strategy
We help you identify sectors and roles that align with your goals. We set up your networking strategy and provide you with an operational protocol to implement day by day.
Interview Preparation
Strengths and weaknesses relative to the target role. We provide you with the necessary interview techniques to showcase your skills and land the job.

The Standard Paths

A CV is a marketing tool that must demonstrate to a company that your profile is suitable for their job search. Along with a complete LinkedIn profile, they are essential for working in Italy or at international companies. Writing a professional curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile requires identifying the specific candidate requirements and the desired job role.

With our support, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your areas of expertise, highlight your skills, and seize the job opportunity you desire.

The premium paths

Among our services, we have designed “all-inclusive” solutions for those seeking a comprehensive career coaching program.

Our premium packages stand out for their deeper level of support and the option for in-person delivery.

Our premium service includes an initial skills assessment, which also encompasses the professional development project and the tailored job search strategy. If you prefer, you can opt to replace the latter service with interview preparation.

Who is the Career Coach

The Career Coach is a professional who works with individuals looking for jobs, career changes, professional growth, and ultimately, to improve their job satisfaction.

Using specialized coaching tools, this figure gathers new information and identifies potential career scenarios that may not have been considered before.

The goal of the Career Coach is to support clients in gaining clarity about their potential and to guide them in developing effective professional development strategies.

Services Dedicated to Your Career

You can also request our services individually and discover how to enhance your professional profile.
CV Writing + Cover Letter

The curriculum vitae of a senior manager must concisely convey a significant amount of experience and also communicate collateral skills related to HR and Business Process Management.

After a thorough skills assessment, we will highlight technical skills and managerial experiences gained “in the field.” We will describe career projects and individual professional achievements. We will include keywords and sector-specific expressions commonly used in the industry.

Service includes:

  • Skills and professional history assessment (1 hour)
  • Identification of career achievements, managed projects, and roles held
  • Definition of characteristics and skills required in the target position
  • Possibility to request an unlimited number of revisions
Cover or Application Letter

Complementary to every application, the cover letter is your personal introduction. Its purpose is to illustrate to recruitment professionals your skills and how they align with the company’s requirements.

The goal of the letter is to specify the candidate’s knowledge and skills in relation to the position and the company in question.

That’s why we analyze your profile, discuss your professional ambitions together, and create a truly unique document that helps you find a job abroad.

What the service includes:

  • Identification of professional history and job position characteristics (30 minutes)
  • Analysis of requirements needed for the position and/or working abroad
  • Writing the document using technical language and industry expressions
  • Possibility to request unlimited revisions
LinkedIn Profile - Writing and Training

Having an effective LinkedIn profile is essential for anyone looking for jobs, clients, and growth opportunities in general. Using it correctly means being found by recruiters, having a well-defined communication/networking strategy, and improving your social selling index to emerge as an industry leader.

We structure your LinkedIn profile with SEO in mind, optimizing the content with precise keywords that allow you to both position yourself and express your potential. We will provide you with a support guide and train you in the daily use of social media for lead generation or job search.

What the service includes:

  • Skills assessment and discussion of professional goals
  • Creation of your personal URL. Writing profile content with LinkedIn SEO in mind
  • Sending a support guide for professional networking
  • 1-to-1 training on the use of social media for personal branding and job search
Job Interview Preparation

Being prepared for an interview means knowing in advance what questions will be asked, what characteristics the company is looking for, and the interview techniques necessary to achieve your goal.

Discover with us how to approach a job interview in Italian or English, ensuring you respond appropriately to potential selection questions and best showcase your profile.

The simulation consists of 2 online coaching sessions, each lasting 30 minutes.

What the service includes:

  • Identification of your strengths and weaknesses relative to the position in question
  • Simulation of a job interview using questions commonly used by recruiters for the specific role
  • Training on expressions and interview techniques necessary to highlight personal characteristics
  • Sending a summary report containing the job interview questions and guidance on how to handle subsequent selection stages

If you have already purchased a CV writing service, you can receive the interview simulation service for just an additional €129!

Career Coaching - Professional Development Plan

We will help you identify the skills you have gained during your career and relate them to the job market. Through specialized orientation tools and personalized consulting, we will define your professional development strategy.

The service consists of 2 online coaching sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. While well-planned, the discussions are completely flexible, aimed at identifying your needs and giving you the tools necessary to plan your career growth.

With our support, you will have a clear career goal, understand the opportunities offered by the market, and the necessary steps to take.

Service includes:

  • Skills assessment: identification of hard/soft skills and professional resources to highlight
  • Schein career anchors: definition of job search and professional development priorities
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Definition of SMART job search goals and related action plan
Personal Jobbing - Job Search on Demand

Job searching is real work. For it to be successful, a candidate should dedicate themselves consistently to selecting advertisements and scouting market opportunities.

We understand how valuable a senior manager’s time is. That’s why we integrate our solutions with an active search service designed for those who prefer to delegate this activity to us.

Thanks to a search strategy based on your real needs and a proven method, we will assist you in obtaining job interviews.

Service includes:

  • Search for advertisements aligned with the profile
  • Identification of decision-makers in target companies
  • Selection of recruiting agencies/head hunters aligned with the target role
  • 2 bi-weekly follow-up calls on the outcome of the activities performed

The service is offered in addition to our standard or premium packages. Results are achieved on a monthly basis.

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