Recruiting and HR Development Services

We help businesses, startups, and staffing firms build the best online recruiting and employer branding systems.

As experts in social recruiting, we aim to design strategic activities that attract only the best candidates. We also support you step by step in implementing the best operational processes for a specific industry.

  • HR Digital Recruiting Campaigns
  • Company’s LinkedIn and Employer Branding
  • Coaching Paths for Organisational Development

HR Recruiting & Selection

Job Position Analysis
We identify the role’s requirements through a preliminary operative flow-mapping activity or interviewing who already works in that position. We draft the job description (list of assignments and responsibilities) to identify the precise job profile, comprehensive set of skills and competencies the company is looking for in its candidates.

Social Recruiting
We write effective job adverts to attract the most-qualified candidates and spread them over the most suitable web and social media channels. Then, our aim is to develop an online candidate pool and support your human resources office during the execution and monitoring of operational talent-acquisition activities.

Pre-Employment Screening
We carefully check the chosen candidate’s employment history, validating their references and discovering false or unsubstantiated claims on their CV. We evaluate applicants, bringing to your attention only the resources suitable to fill the role for both technical and soft skills.

Career coaching

Business Services

Digital Recruiting

We support your human resources office during the execution and monitoring of effective talent-acquisition activities.

LinkedIn Employer Branding

Our community-management services strengthen your brand identity. We promote your brand through your employees. 

HR Development

Specific personal or team growth plans to be implemented through coaching and/or learning on the job paths.


LinkedIn Training & Employer Branding

We work in partnership with your company to ensure that LinkedIn operations are aligned with other communication strategies. Our LinkedIn community-management services provide a complete solution if you intend to strengthen your brand identity, build a network of followers and grow it over time to acquire new customers.

Audience Building
We identify the key characteristics of any potential lead and define a nurturing strategy that allows you to turn them into real customers. We plan sponsored publications or effective organic-growth strategies.

Employee Advocacy
We support you in promoting your corporate brand through your employees while providing the necessary training to convert your staff into real sponsors. We define a digital editorial plan by dealing with the development and/or sharing of your content.

LinkedIn Employer Branding
We create, manage and monitor your company page and any industry group you may have. We establish an invitation strategy that allows you to build a network of only users interested in your services providing full training to your staff.

Human Resources Development

We support you in reengineering your company’s organisational structure by assessing roles, duties and responsibilities. Together with you, we design more horizontal structures and procedures to promote teamwork and knowledge-exchange. We set up development centers and training paths .

Performance Appraisal and Career Planning 

JobStep designs the best performance evaluation/management system and trains business managers. Techniques used to evaluate performance are different and must align individual performance with strategic business objectives. These systems have to be linked to specific reward and/or career development plans aimed at raising commitment and supporting organisational culture.

Coaching and Training
We promote professional development through targeted individual or collective coaching paths. We evaluate the skills of each professional to understand what gaps prevent them from achieving excellent performance. We design specific personal growth plans to be implemented through coaching and/or learning on the job. We arrange and deliver, as required by the client company, classroom-training courses aimed at increasing knowledge in several professional areas.


Soft Skills & Leadership Assessment

We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive and customised service that will enable you to quickly arrive at your goal definition: be it related to your career path, leadership style or overcoming the difficult period you are going through.

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